‘You are led, by means of the Hypnotherapist’s gently guiding voice, into a state where your body and mind are relaxed and nearly asleep.  To an onlooker it might seem as if you were totally asleep but in fact, though you will normally feel very relaxed, you will remain awake enough to be aware.  Also awake will be those parts of your mind, which the Therapist is working with to induce beneficial changes.  This may mean that you will be picturing, as in a daydream, the things which are being spoken of and that you may experience the associated pleasant feelings’.
National Council for Hypnotherapy

Please note that Hypnosis is not recommended for anyone suffering from epilepsy.  If in doubt consult your GP.


Will I lose control?

No. You are the one who decides how much you want to relax and  whether or not to follow the Hypnotherapists suggestions. No one can be hypnotized against their will.

What is ‘trance’?

Being in a ‘trance’ is a natural state.  We go in and out of trance regularly throughout the day for instance daydreaming, watching TV, driving a car and when in an elevator, it’s normal.  The difference between this kind of trance and the trance induced by the Hypnotherapist, is that you are being guided with a distinct and beneficial purpose.

Will I fall asleep?

Being hypnotized is not sleep, the brain is awake enough to respond to empowering suggestions made by the Hypnotherapist.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Some people find it easier than others to relax and go in to a ‘deep trance’. However a ‘light trance’ is fine too.  Some people don’t even feel they have had hypnosis they just feel a little bit more relaxed than usual.  Whatever the level of relaxation, everyone can benefit.

What if there is an emergency?

In the case of an emergency you would just choose to come out of hypnosis, it’s really simple.

What if I ended up telling all of my secrets?

The reality is that unless you really wanted to tell your secrets you just wouldn’t.  It’s not possible to get someone to do that without their permission.

So relax ……and enjoy!