Life Coach

Life Coach

Coaching is all about asking great questions that unlock a person’s potential so they can maximise their own performance.

I believe that when someone can come up with their own answers, they will get to know and trust themselves. When that happens, someone is much more likely to act in alignment with who they are, which is enormously empowering.

I like to combine using Life Coaching with EFT techniques for great results, and wherever possible I like to make things playful.

Working together can help you to identify your strengths, develop them, and identify your personal and professional goals.

Nothing changes unless you change something. Having a willingness to explore and change your current habits to ones that serve you better, can be an enjoyable experience.

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Sometimes it’s easier to uncover what solutions you need by talking to someone else.

I think it’s important to have a conversation with someone before they choose to work with me, because we both need to resonate with each other. When we speak on the phone, or over Zoom, you’ll know if you think I can help you with your new habits.

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