Self Confidence Formula

Self Confidence Formula

6 Steps to be Unapologetically YOU

Do you want to stop pretending to be confident and stand Unapologetically tall?

Do you want to be firm when others disagree with you, while maintaining self-respect?

Do you want to tap into your strengths, feel worthy and be the best version of yourself?

I completely understand what it’s like to lack confidence, I’ve been there, and I know how it feels to want life to be different.

Imagine a life where you feel able to speak up with confidence and express yourself freely in any situation.

How will your life change when you feel really happy and comfortable in your own skin?

In this 6 week course you will get access to:

  • 6 Live “Unapologetically You” weekly zoom calls where you will discover techniques that will enable you to become the best version of you
  • Lifetime access to ALL the audio and video recordings
  • Unapologetically You Facebook group for community, access to me with any questions you have, and to share your progress for accountability and feedback
  • Your own “You Can Feel Confident” hypnosis MP3 to listen to and reinforce your new confident habits
  • A one-hour private one-on-one follow-up zoom call with me

The total cost of the course is £289 with a 30 day money back guarantee.

The next course starts early January 2023. The course runs 4 times a year. Register your interest below.




Sue Campling

“Thank you so very much for running your inspiring, challenging and thought provoking  ‘Unapologetically You’ course.”

Jo Eagle

“I would recommend this course and think it would be enlightening even to people who already consider themselves confident and unapologetically themselves, as it’s so interesting to understand some of the mind games behind those traits.”

Jill Williams

“I would recommend the course. In fact l have mentioned it to a number of people.”

Suzanne Parr

“I’ve really enjoyed working with you. I think your course was helpful and insightful and you delivered it very well.”

And the best part is

You have a step-by-step Formula that allows you to be unapologetically YOU

People will be more drawn to you – simply because they are hardwired to LIKE you! Isn’t that so much easier than “finding clients?”

You’ll be able to do what you love most, impact the lives of your family, friends and clients with real transformation. You’ll have more time to spend doing the things you love to do!

Yes, it is possible to be Unapologetically YOU, while staying true to your personal beliefs and values, and without sharing all of your deep dark secrets.

You can create your dream life by following your heart, being true to what you believe in, and solving problems with ease.

Introducing the Self Confidence Formula

Self Confidence Formula is a step-by-step course to enable you to become the best version of you and live unapologetically!

By the end of this course, you will:

Know how to say goodbye to self-sabotaging habits that have blocked your success

Have developed new Confidence habits to be the best version of you
Know and love who you are, what you want, and how to confidently achieve it

Here’s what we’ll cover during the 6 Step Formula

1) Build a Confident Foundation

* Identify the fears and thoughts that are holding you back and release them so that you can feel good
* Discover that ALL your feelings are valid and how to recognise essential feedback from them
* Tap into new resources so that you can have a say in the way your life goes

2) Make your life work for you rather than against you

* Get clear about your core values so that life can feel in flow
* Pinpoint where you are out of alignment so that you can be true to yourself
* Identify the habits in your life that no longer serve you plus the ones that support your growth

3) Get out of your own way!

* Stop the self-sabotage and learn to appreciate yourself so that you can be successful
* Discover how to safely step out of your comfort zone and take action on things that matter
* Start to use powerful language that creates powerful connections

4) Simple techniques to increase your Confidence

* Apply tried and tested techniques anytime anywhere to reconnect with your desires
* Use nurturing language to raise Self-Esteem and Confidence
* Discover how to communicate differently to realise your desired outcomes

5) Be the person you’ve always wanted to be

* Explore an expanded version of yourself to feel fulfilled and experience success and happiness
* Tap into your strengths so that you will have the confidence and courage to do more of what you love
* Develop resilience so that when things don’t go your way you have ‘bounce back ability’ that will return you to your state of peace more quickly

6) Be Unapologetically YOU!

* Understand how to release your attachment to the opinions of others and Feel good in your own skin
* Be Yourself! Find ways to fall in love with you and build real, lasting, and deeper connections with others.
* Celebrate your uniqueness and the contribution you make to the World! Remember there is no one else in the world like you and that’s a GOOD THING!

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