What can you celebrate today?

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It's the Queens Diamond Jubilee weekend, the bunting is out and millions of people are preparing to celebrate.  It's such a great opportunity for communities to come together, work as a team and have a party. The truth is though that none of us have to wait to celebrate.  Everyday is an opportunity to celebrate being alive! Whatever is going on in your life, or in your body, it is possible to give thanks for something.  Some of you may not be in a great space right now physically or emotionally. If you are suffering in some way, you may  feel you have nothing to appreciate.  I encourage you to find something, even if you  have to dig really deep, because [...]

Appreciation and Gratitude for World Peace

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Is there someone you really appreciate? Your mum, dad, a fireman, a nurse, a vet? Are you grateful to someone for their kindness, love, understanding, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on? If you are, then why not make a little video to thank them? Peace in our Lifetime want to raise awareness of Peace Days Global Ceasefire on September the 21st. Peace is created everyday by people like you and me. If someone has touched your life then why not take the opportunity to acknowledge them, and inspire others.  For more information about Peace in Our Lifetime and the steps you need to take to create your own video, please go to - http://www.trunity.net/PIOLT/topics/view/48803/ Thank you for the peace [...]


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Sometimes life can seem like a 'struggle' and it can be difficult to see anything to be grateful for. We can be so 'stuck' in 'what's wrong' that we forget to acknowledge the stuff we do like! When my clients have a problem seeing the 'bigger picture' I recommend that they  practice a great little  exercise called 'panning for gold'.  Their job, just before they go to sleep, is to find 3 things that were good about their day: this could be anything from .. accomplishing a challenging task seeing a flower getting a smile from a stranger having a hug reading something inspiring watching the sunset listening to some great music What happens is that when they start to  look [...]


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