Does your Life need a ‘Clean Sweep’

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'Decluttering' is  a great way of getting things moving in our life.  Hanging on to objects, we no longer have a use for, can really keep us stuck.  If you are someone who 'hoards' or finds it difficult to locate something you need easily, then you may like to consider some personal 'spring cleaning'. Today I interviewed Life Coach, Graham Russell. Graham talks about his first experiences with a life coach, and how 'decluttering' physically and emotionally, can make space for something new to come into your life. Click here for the interview >> The interview lasts 12 minutes Do leave me any comments you might have about the interview or life coaching. Speak soon .....

Waiting for life to begin?

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Today I popped in on a friend of mine, and during the course of our conversation, she showed me something written by Alfred D'Souza.  I thought I'd  share it with you, because I think it illustrates so beautifully, the importance of being in the present moment.  As long as we are 'on a mission' to get somewhere; focused only on the goal or outcome, we miss the 'here and now'. The truth is that being in the present moment is where the joy is; it's actually the only place where we can feel fully alive. People often talk about 'enjoying the journey', rather than focusing on the destination, and it's easy to hear the words and not really 'get' them. Right [...]


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