Disappointed Valentine…

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How do you feel about Valentines day? Love it? Hate it? Not bothered? I remember feeling really excited about Valentines Day when I was a teenager,  but soon that excitement turned in to disappointment when  there was no post for me or  the card I got was from the ‘wrong person’! I remember how embarrassing it was telling my friends I hadn’t received one card, especially as that same postman had practically given  himself a hernia carrying cards to all of them!  It was clear to me that I just  wasn't 'pretty enough, intelligent enough, funny enough or good enough '......know what I mean?  in I went in to that familiar downward spiral If we use Valentines cards as a  measure [...]

When it comes to the death of your child, can time ever heal?

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They say that '9 out of 10 marriages fail after the death of a child'. Fiona Mclarty was happily married to her husband Imran.  She had a great job working with him at Landmark Education.  In 2002 her dreams were shattered. Today I talk to Fiona Mclarty about her experience of losing her son, and the impact on her relationship with Imran. Fiona really illustrates how it is possible for a couple to go through, what could be described as  'a parents worst nightmare' and come through it feeling healed. Do listen to this extraordinary interview.... Click here for interview >> Fiona has asked me to include a video of her friends Karen, Shane and Sierra. Like her baby boy, Sierra [...]


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