Social Media ….it’s all about relationships

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Despite the fact that I apologised in my last blog for not writing more regularly, I succeeded again in having a long gap between posts! I won't go in to my reasons, because quite honestly they are not important to you readers, what is important is consistency. On Friday I was on a course run by Sussex Business Bureau and I was reminded of the importance of regular communication.  Louise Fenwick, Zoe Cairns & Emma Pearce, specialists in social media and marketing, explained how social media is all about building relationships. People want to do business with people that they 'know, like and trust'.  It's the same in life isn't it? We all want to be around people that we 'know, [...]


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I went to see the film,  'The Kings Speech' yesterday and I was very moved by it. It's about the story of King George VI of Britain, 'his impromptu ascension to the throne and the speech therapist who helped the unsure monarch become King'.  It's a wonderful film and the relationship between the King and Lionel Logue is a joy to watch. For me Life is all about relationships and the quality of those relationships affect the quality of my life. It's so important to 'invest' in relationships; take time to nourish and nurture them, and 'do the maintenance'. Intimate relationships can be particularly challenging, but if we want them to be extraordinary, we need to be honest, empathetic, loving and [...]

What is a father’s job?

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'Lone parent', 'Single parent', whatever the label, it seems that one parent households are on the increase. 'The Office for National Statistics said children in the UK were three times more likely to live in one-parent households than they were in 1972.' BBC Today I talk to Hugh Sandie, about his experience of parenting his daughter Amelia, after he and his partners relationship broke down.  The interview is just under 12 minutes long. Click here for the interview However impossible it may seem, the reality is, that if parents want a great relationship with their children, it's important they work towards a good relationship with their ex partner.  It's not about liking your 'ex', or agreeing with them, but about finding [...]

Come on Cupid get it right!

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Photo taken from Viva Lewes magazine When it comes to 'finding love' do you leave it to Cupid and trust that the universe will find you the ‘perfect mate’ or do you search the internet, scour the ‘lonely hearts’ section and sign up for the next ‘speed dating event’? If you don’t have a partner yet it is very likely that you have already given some thought to the kind of person you would be interested in: you may even have a long list of requirements’!  Your  ‘Ideal partner’ list may not be public knowledge, it may just be stored in your head, but if you put it down on paper it may look something like this…. Must have …. Dark [...]


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