Do affirmations really work?

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Some people say, “I don’t believe in affirmations” or “affirmations  don’t last”. Actually that’s not true.  We are in fact affirming things about ourselves all of the time.  Unfortunately most of the time what we’re affirming is negative, and goes on at an unconscious level. It starts something like this …. 1. Our conscious mind says,  “I want to give up smoking” Our inner mind answers back - “You’ve got no will power, you can’t give up smoking. Life’s too stressful to ‘give up’, what will you do to calm you down? Everyone knows it’s really difficult to give up; anyway you’ve got to have some ‘vice’. Imagine how unbearable it’ll be being around other smokers, you won’t fit in; they’ll [...]

I only have to look at a cream bun …..

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I only have to look at a cream bun …… People who say “I eat what ever I want and I never put on weight” are right aren’t they?  So are those who say “I only have to look at a cream bun and it goes straight to my hips” What do you say about yourself and the way you look? Beliefs about ourselves are very powerful indeed, they actually shape our reality. Thinking ‘fat thoughts’ can literally lead to putting on weight or an inability to lose weight.  You see our unconscious mind likes to give us exactly what we think about.  If we are always thinking about what we don’t want e.g. to be  ‘fat’ ,‘unhealthy’, ‘depressed’ or  ‘single’ [...]


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