Habit Fixer Testimonials

Being a member of the NCH (National Council of Hypnotherapy) I am not encouraged to have hypnotherapy testimonials, however I also work as a Practitioner of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Here are some of the things my clients have had to say about me:

Ron Whitakers Video Testimonial

Hear Ron Whittaker as he tells his story on losing and amazing 48 pounds in 3 just MONTHS

Other Customer Testimonials

“I especially liked your tone of voice – I’ve tried a bit of tapping myself since, and it’s your voice I hear! – so matter of fact and non judgemental. Makes me smile. I will certainly come again if I need to, and am recommending it to everyone!”
Stephanie Sculptor age 48
“Julie is an extraordinary therapist who has really helped me and my only regret is that I didn’t see her years ago! Julie put me at ease immediately with her warm and caring personality and the tapping therapy was a very interesting process to undergo and very easy to practise, on a daily basis, moving forward. Since the treatment my self confidence has dramatically increased and I feel much healthier and happier as a result. I would thoroughly recommend Julie to anyone who feels they are experiencing difficulty in any area of their lives, you will experience a wonderful sensation of wellbeing”.
Allegra Scott - Lewes
“I had a phobia of flying ever since I first flew when I was 17 yrs old, and as each year passed I got progressively worse, I’ve been taking diazepam ever since, however that didn’t seem to take the fear away, the more I flew the worse I got. I can’t thank Julie enough, after just one session I lost my fear, I realised it was deeper than I thought, and that my fear had got out of control and once I’d confronted that tiny worry that was there from the first time I flew, I was able to let go. I can honestly say I’m in control now.
It’s the best thing I ever did”.
Jane Bishop, Teaching Assistant, 37
“I have always struggled with my weight. One session with Julie learning how to “TAP” ! has helped me to follow a healthy eating programme and enabled me to avoid the temptations and cravings, which prevented me losing weight. I am so pleased and even better it is easy and feels good. Control without control!!”
Anne, Retired Practice Nurse
“I had one session with Julie & learnt how to use the tapping to help with weight loss & the problems that I have with my relationship with food. I’m delighted with the results so far. In my first week I lost 5 lbs! I shall continue to use tapping to help my weight loss. It is so easy to learn, everyone will benefit from using it whatever their problem is.”
Helen, Nursery Nurse, 50
“Julie’s EFT treatment on my arthritis was nothing short of amazing, as I had been in utter agony, and after her treatment the pain began to ease up and 5 days later it had completely reduced. I was pregnant at the time and when it came to the moment of birthing my baby I became stuck mentally and physically and called Julie to help me move things on. She was again calm and patient and non-judgemental and helped me through some of the first major contractions and told me how I could use EFT on myself in the birth when needed. I proceeded to use it many times, every time freeing me up to move on to the next level of birth until finally my 10 lb baby was delivered at home naturally without any drugs or interventions after 2 days of labour! I am truly grateful to Julie and consider her to be a major part of my birthing process. She showed me that I have the power to release limiting physical and emotional feelings and that even with the most difficult of symptoms such as arthritis I can help myself”.
Alex Whitney Moore, Style Consultant
“I have found the tapping techniques you taught me a very effective and quick way to get over difficult times and cravings I’ve had since the session and while I’ve been staying off the cigarettes. Within just a few seconds I’ve been able to either totally dissipate or at least reduce the intense feelings in my body which would normally either lead me to another cigarette or cause me immense distress. Thank you, with this technique, I feel I can easily continue along the path of being a non-smoker.”
Paul, Brighton
“I visited Julie recently with a thoracic back problem and very painful knee. I had tried everything and had failed to resolve it. I was unable to ride my horse, or work effectively. After EFT with Julie, I woke up next morning and both pains had gone. It was truly astonishing as I have had every type of alternative and medical treatment and nothing else has ever worked so immediately. I think it is a combination of the therapy and I also believe Julie has a natural healing way of being with her clients. I cannot recommend her enough, she is truly amazing.”
Cathie Palmer-Woodward, Leadership Consultant
“I met Julie Mann when my father was in hospital slowly leaving us … it was very hard to deal with it … I happened to hear about Julie and her ‘tapping’ and decided to try … what harm could it do? … It indeed did no harm, but on the contrary, it helped me a lot to accept my father’s slow death and simply face it … it was 4 months ago … I don’t need tapping anymore and feel alive again … thanks!”
Sylvie Valayre, Opera singer
“Your compassion and integrity were evident throughout the session. I have already recommended you to some of my patients who I feel would benefit.”
Lynne, Homeopath, Brighton
“EFT has greatly changed the experience that I have when I visit the dentist. As I had never tried any alternative therapies before I did not know what to expect, but even to my surprise I found the session very calming, especially as it was on my worst fear ‘the dentist’. I never expected the release of my emotions and the strength that it also made me feel within myself. On many dental appointments since my session with you, I no longer have days of worry and fear before I go, or have to take medication to relax enough to have treatment done, and I can take myself to my appointment. EFT has made a great change and it is so easy to do on myself if needed.”
Nikki, School Cook, Saltdean
“We have just returned from a lovely holiday. The session that each of us had with you were a great help toward relaxation and confidence, and alleviated my anxiety a very great deal and I had absolutely no discomfort travelling in coaches on a number of occasions. After so many years I am very pleased, indeed, about that. We both use the ‘tapping’ exercise as necessary and find it most effective. Another boost to confidence as we are able to practice self-help. If needful we shall certainly contact you again”
Mavis & Peter, retired, Peacehaven
“It was a fantastic session, so enjoyable as well as being effective. Since then I have felt completely separate from that person’s anger, and the whole scene has faded. I feel very free of it, almost forgotten it, and it’s so great not to have it replaying in my mind. I don’t feel any anger towards that person either, which is wonderful. I think you were a fantastic facilitator, I felt safe and comfortable, and I liked how you kept it light and non threatening, so it felt easy and fun”
Stephanie, Sculptor, 48
“Before EFT I ate a lot of chocolate. Since having EFT I hardly ever eat chocolate.”
Amy, Ringmer, 22
“The session with you really helped me to deal with some negative thoughts still lingering since the death of my father last year. The positive energy that the tapping released and your sensitivity have helped me to move on and begin to find closure. I would definitely recommend your sessions and I have used the tapping techniques you taught me on several occasions since we met.”
Janine, HR Manager, Hove